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The defective airbag systems incorporating ZF-TRW controllers has prompted a class action lawsuit against the company that manufactured the airbag control units that can malfunction and prevent airbags from inflating in an accident.  The class action lawsuit seeks $900 million in general damages and $150 million in punitive damages according to the Windsor Star.  The lawsuits names TRW, an American supplier of the faulty airbag control units that have been isolated as the cause of the airbags failure to inflate.  ZF, a German company that acquired TRW also has been sued.  The lawsuits also seek damages against the automakers that equipped their vehicles with the faulty control units, including Kia, Chrysler, Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, and Mitsubishi.

The lawsuit like a class action lawsuit filed against Kia and Hyundai in the U.S. essentially alleges that the faulty airbag controllers that are supposed to trigger inflation during a collision can malfunction and prevent airbag deployment. Documents produced by federal regulators have indicated that the airbag controller failures might be triggered by rogue electrical signals caused by a crash.

The Canadian class action lawsuit seeking damages for injuries and deaths caused by the failure of ZF-TRW airbags to deploy in crashes follows in the wake of individuals lawsuits being filed in the U.S., as well as a U.S. class action lawsuit involving the defective airbags.  The NHTSA reports that 12.5 million vehicles manufactured by the automakers named in the U.S. class action lawsuit are equipped with the ZF-TRW airbags.  Approximately 2.5 million Canadians could be driving vehicles with the non-deployment issue.

In the class action lawsuit filed in the U.S. against Kia Motors and Hyundai Motor America, lawsuit documents allege that the manufacturers failed to inform customers that certain new vehicles might be equipped with airbags that will not deploy in a collision.  The lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court of the District of California indicates that the automakers did not replace or repair vehicles purchased by recent purchasers of vehicles equipped with the defective airbags.  The complaint filed in the case alleges that the controller units could become “over stressed” by electrical signals during a collision, which might disable the airbag.  The danger to consumers is compounded by NHTSA reports and allegations in the U.S. District Court lawsuit that the unwanted electrical energy could also disable seat belt pretensioners in a collision.

Although the electrical problem that could cause the ZF-TRW controller to be “over stressed” has been linked to as many as 8 fatalities and other crashes resulting in serious injuries, the manufacturer has not formally recalled the units though the company has taken some steps to fix the issue.  While the NHTSA has not mandated that the company recall its airbag controller, vehicle manufacturers can elect to announce a voluntary recall to protect the public from injuries and fatalities.  

While the class actions filed in Canada and the U.S. involving the ZF-TRW airbags are separate and distinct from the recall involving Takata exploding airbags, there are similarities.  The recalls involving both kinds of airbags involved a single company that supplied the safety equipment to several manufacturers for use in tens of millions of vehicles. Both companies attempted limited fixes involving only certain vehicles equipped with the defective airbags.  The most basic similarity is that both companies have been accused in lawsuits of knowingly placing profits before consumer safety.  

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